Hi, I'm Dave Stelma

I've felt what it is to walk in your shoes. 

You work a lot of hours and still come up frustrated financially, physically, spiritually. You're doing the best you can, yet something is missing.

I teach you those missing elements so you can reach the success you know you deserve.

The Book that Inspired The Secret

Get your FREE copy of Wallace Wattles "The Science of Getting Rich". This is the little green book that inspired Rhonda Byrne to produce the highly successful movie and book, The Secret. 

Work with Dave

If you've searched for a breakthrough solution for your business with no long-term success, Breakthrough Success might be your path to finally being Successful, Happy, and Excited!


Dave is a dynamic and compelling speaker whose presentations combine the latest research with his own moving journey toward building a great business.                                      Audiences love him!


Would you like to book Dave for a live event, podcast, radio or television show? Small business is today's fastest growing sector of the entrepreneur's, and your audience will thank you for bringing Dave's inspiration and answers to their questions.