Get Wired for Success  

Do You Need to ...

  • create the BIG Impact you know you can make with your life?
  • feel more fulfilled emotionally , physically, financially in your life?
  • make the BIG contribution to your family and community?

How's 2017 ending for you?


Now it's time to revisit your intentions for the year and take a look back at what you've accomplished so far...

What were your big goals back then in January?

 Have you crossed some smaller goals off your list?

Have you made significant progress toward achieving the life of your dreams?

Are there more things incomplete than completed on your plan?

Do you have a solid plan laid out for your life goals next year?


If you're falling behind schedule or finding it hard to stay focused on your goals, then I have something that might help...

It's a 12-week online group course I designed specifically to help you achieve your biggest goals. It's called...


Get Wired for Success 

A 12-Week group course to Achieving BIG Goals and Create the Life You Want


Most people don't know how to put together a solid, detailed, plan of action to get closer to living the extraordinary life they dream of. This amazing program will help you create that plan so you can correct course and gain momentum and intentions to start the new year.


I'd like to offer you a few bonuses, including $100 off,

when you enroll in this life-changing course by  midnight December 17th, 2017. (use coupon code 100off2018)


Course Highlights


Vision Clarity

  • Create a crystal clear vision of what you want for your life
  • Detailed Roadmap

  • Develop a detailed roadmap of exactly what you need to do every day to reach your one BIG goal
  • Remove Roadblocks

  • Learn how to deal with obstacles and remove roadblocks quickly and effectively
  • trophy

    Create Powerful Habits

  • Develop powerful success mindset techniques to keep you inspired and motivated until the end
  • Want to Talk First?

    Go to my calendar and schedule a time to ask me all your questions. And let's see if 2018 will be your year to Get Wired for Success. 



    If you are committed to doing the work and following through with the solutions and tangible action steps you will define throughout the course of this program, you can experience tremendous change within the framework of your life.


    Some examples of these changes are attaining a sense of happiness and peace, awakening and living with joy, feeling comfortable in your own skin, residing within a realm of confidence and self-worth, huge decreases in anxiety and stress, and having clarity of your own unique purpose in life.


    Many who go through the program experience a drastic improvement in relationships, increased career satisfaction, newfound security in financial standing, a heightened enthusiasm and energy for life, improved physical and emotional well-being and much more.

    Dave Stelma  //  Life Coach

    I'm Dave Stelma and I've made it my life quest to help others improve and create high impact in their lives and families.

    "If you do what you did, You'll get what you got" - anonymous

    Thank you for taking the first step. To create more love, more money, more success in your life; you'll need to do things differently to get a better result.

    I'll show you how !

    Love and Hugs,

    Dave Stelma

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If your results are less than expected, I will refund the prorated unused portion or you can use the same amount toward any other program or private coaching.

    Dave Stelma

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