Writing about myself is the most difficult and yet the most freeing part of my journey. At a young age, I was taught not to brag about myself.

One of my distinct childhood memories was dad asking me (with a sarcastic tone) “Are you one of those people that needs compliments all the time?”. My voice answered “No”, but inside, I was saying “YES! GIVE ME A COMPLEMENT! TELL ME I DID SOMETHING RIGHT!” Now please understand that I had a pretty awesome childhood.

Reflecting back, growing up with 4 older sisters gave me great insight and sensitivity towards others. In fact, my parents gave me some great opportunities to be whomever I wanted to be. When I was going to be a Rock star, they bought me a guitar, amp, and sound system. Heck, they even drove me to bar gigs, stayed all night and then drove me home. It’s not until I got older that I realized, letting me discover my strengths on my own, was one of the greatest gifts.

And how giving to others is another of the keys to Success!

School was always a struggle. Early on a got good grades. But now I understand that “good grades” means “conformity”. As I started to look at subjects in a different way, as I challenged the “it just is” answers that teachers gave to me, my good grades turned to average.

I am a “hands on” person and a visual learner.

Show me, and I can replicate the process. Tell me, and it will take me longer.

Usually in these “About” sections, the person adds in a bunch of awards and letters showing their titles. Like PHd, MA, or inducted into the Inspirational Speaker Hall of Fame. But as we all have experienced, it’s the affect that changes our lives, not the knowledge from conformity.

In the early years of my adult life, I owned a successful store. For the first 7 of the 13 years, I thought that it was about me being successful. Then a switch turned on inside my spirit or soul. (It’s that Aha moment that Oprah Winfrey always talks about) The business wasn’t about me, it was about the affect it has on my employees, customers, the landlord, etc.

One gesture, good or bad, positive or negative, creates a ripple (of the same). I started seeking more knowledge from Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield, John Maxwell, Ekhart TolleOprah Winfrey, to name a few. And although each gives inspiration from a different specialty, there is a commonality throughout all of them, “for the greater good of all”.

It’s at that point in time, my whole life changed. I realized that life is a journey, our circumstance has meaning, and our business (or job) is the current “vehicle” in our journey.

I’ve had a few “stops” along the way in my journey.

Heart Valve replacement, Divorce, Bankruptcy, Grandparenthood, Love, to name a few

Each have been a blessing and each were part of a bigger sequence that needed to happen so a greater, more beneficial, event in my life to take place. Each component is a lesson or skill that was needed to progress forward into the next.

Which brings me to you and taking you to the next level of your journey.

I look forward to hearing your journey and creating your Breakthrough Success!

Love and Success to You,


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