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Is This Your Year to create Breakthrough Success?

How fast you create anything, especially your career, depends on 3 relationships. Your Past. Your Presence. And your Precise Goal Vision. Take a moment each day and evaluate each one and how it affects you. Let's break each one down.

Your Past   This commomly called "baggage". Remember, It doesn't matter that you have baggage. What matters is "your" relationship with it! Did you forgive the people that you feel wronged you? Did you forgive yourself for treating people wrongly?  One of the problems "stuck people" have to overcome is your perception of those "baggage" situations. Let me give you an example: There's a 3 car accident. Each of the 3 drivers will have a different view of the accident. Each will have a different anxiety level. Each will suffer differently. So your view of the past is just that....YOUR VIEW. You did the best that you could, at that time in your life, with the amount of life experience that you had.     Forgive and Let that Stuff Go!

Presence This is living in the moment. Do you recognize and acknowledge every moment before it becomes the past? If not, you might be creating more baggage that you'll carry around.                                                                                                                Event + (your) Reaction = Outcome                                                                                During each moment, Ask yourself these questions: What am I being in this moment? (contributing in a positive way) What am I doing in this moment? (action you are contributing in a positive way) What am I having in this moment? (your "feeling" inside; sad, happy, anxiety, exuberance)                                                                                                   Change Your Reaction and Change your Life!

Precise Goal Vision  This is how you set yourself up to receive success. Once you master this step, you'll receive your goal at an EXTRAordinary pace.                                1) Write down your goal  This is comprised of your goal + date/year + time of day (I am receiving a $50,000 bonus by 5pm December 31st, 2017.                                            2) Create the vision of attaining your goal What does your goal look like at 5pm December 31st, 2017? Will you be receiving a check? Will you be home? Will you be at a party and receive an email? It's your vision! Get as specific as you can!                        3) Write down what you feel when you attain your goal  Most of my coaching clients are really good at 1 and 2, but not 3. (Until we work it a few times) Mostly because once we talk about how it truly "feels", they may change the goal or the priority the goal has in their life. Then we re-work the written goal. Using the goal above, we would change it to: "I am joyfully receiving a $50,000 bonus from ABC company while I'm relaxing at home on or before 5pm December 31st, 2017."

Now, take a moment and visualize how your year will end. Will it be the breakthrough success that you've been yearning to have? Will it be the success that you deserve? How you reacte 

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