July 24

Baby Bunnies have NO FEAR, so why do I?



Did you know that we are taught fear?

As I was running the other morning, about 11 baby bunnies appeared in different places along my route. They would run out to greet me and not run away as I approached them. My first reaction was to scare them in case something dangerous would come along.
Then these bunnies would be trained to fear all strangers.

I thought by instilling fear in them, I would be helping them be safe.

Whoa, that epiphany hit hard!
These little bunnies were doing it all perfectly. They came out to greet the new stranger that was running by their home. Trying to make a new friend.

It made me think of all the fears that were given to me throughout the years.
My dad gave me a fear of snakes. (I’ve never encountered a snake)
Even my mortgage company gave me a fear of leaving my J.O.B.

So instead of giving them fear, Guess what I did?
I started talking to them along my run.
“Hi lil’ bunny, How’s your morning?”
“Hey lil’ bunny, I like your fur. Say Hello to your mother for me?”
Yep I was the crazy runner guy that talks to bunnies….LOL

But the lesson they helped bring to my mind was to not to instill my fears in others.
Even though I think I’m keeping them safe, it’s still fear. (False Experiences Appearing Real)

It’s their Journey! Let go and Let God!

What fears were you given by someone?
Tell me in the comments, email, or message me.
I love hearing everyone’s comments.


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