August 4

Do You Buy Smart Water?



Did you buy Smart Water when you first saw it on the shelf?

I didn’t. In fact, I just thought it was a simple, yet incredibly “smart” (pun intended) marketing tactic. It wasn’t until Ember made me taste it that I decided I’d actually make a purchase and now I’m hooked.
All it took was that first taste.

And that made me think about how we make a purchase.
The first step is: Take a test drive with the product or service. Just like when we buy a car.
That’s probably why we love Costco. Almost every day, What do you find at the end of the aisle?…..SAMPLES! And usually a crowd of people trying the latest humus or even Dyson vacuum.

Even in my profession as a Life Coach, we have an intial discovery session. It gives both of us the opportunity to take a “test drive” before working together. It’s all about feeling comfortable spending our emotional cash before moving to the Second Step. Which is the purchase.

Just like me buying the Smart Water. I’ll bet you like to “test drive” before moving into the Second Step.
What could you test drive that could increase your JOY?
Maybe a newer car? Maybe a different career?
Check out my videos on YouTube for ideas to increase the JOY in your life.

Email or message me with what keeps you up at night.


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