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Manifest Your Way to $5K


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If you’re struggling with money clarity and life focus, then this course is for you.

This course gives you the 3 layers of manifesting meditation.
Each one builds upon the foundation of the prior layer. Just like building a house. First you need a solid foundation, then a sturdy frame…..do you see what I mean?
Layer 1: Eliminate what’s holding you back
(When you envision receiving an extra $5,000, What do you truly feel inside? anxious? joy? )
Layer 2: Gain the Focus and Clarity of your vision
(Do you want a new car? OR Do YOU DESIRE an inspiring and prosperous career that brings you unlimited income?)
Layer 3: apply your vision to your daily Manifesting Meditation
(How long should you meditate? What is the exact sequence? How do you incorporate your desires and affirmations?)

You will Eliminate what’s holding you backGain your Focus and Clarity, then apply your daily Manifesting Meditation. You will track your success in your daily journal and have the opportunity to have your manifesting journey to appear in the Manifest Your Way to $5K book.

During the LIVE course, You get to ask me specific questions and get the answers that will take you to your next level of success. I talked about it in the LIVE show on Facebook and YouTube.


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