August 4

This Is a Cool Ship



Did you ever hear an idea that was so simple that you were jealous?

If you caught my FaceBook LIVE updates this week, you already know I’m in Scottsdale with Jack Canfield. And he already gave me an “Aha” on the first day. His team has a penalty jar!
I know you’re thinking, “That’s not a new concept.” Every house has a swear jar or some kind of penalty jar. The only difference is how Jack uses the money.

Usually, the jars we have in our homes are put towards vacations or some luxury item. And the Canfield team could put it towards the cost of the LIVE events, marketing, or the 30 staff members.
But Jack puts it into what he calls his “Ship” fund.
As in Scholar…ship!

How cool is that? Maybe I’m naive, but I never even thought about taking a negative and creating something so great like a scholarship fund for those that cannot fully pay for a course.

*|FNAME|*, would you know anyone, like yourself, that could use my services for a discounted or free price? It might even be you that would benefit from a 1 hour strategy call about your life or maybe a new business.
Once I started talking with Jack about his “Ship” fund, and hearing all the great stories about the different people it inspires, I had to make this offer. It kind of felt like the universe was pointing me toward someone that needed me.

Just email to or click on the “Request Time” button on the FaceBook page.

Or reach out and make a “ship” fund in your business to help those in need of some inspiration.

Love and Hugs,

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