August 15

Timing is Everything



Timing is everything. Isn’t it?
Remember back in January, we were all fired up and setting our goals. Now that the year is half over, we’re re-evaluating and lowering the bar one peg at a time. And that’s ok! We all do it. It’s normal.

The only ingredient that you forgot about is “timing”.
Timing equals persistence. And somewhere in our youth, we started to get programmed to fear time. At first we want to speed up time and then we fear it’s going to fast and we want to slow it down.

Do you feel the same about this year? 
We’re excited about our goals and then August hits and we want it to slow down so we can still lose that 10 pounds, hit that sales goal, make that bonus to buy Christmas presents. It’s this time of year we need persistence and ……FAITH!

We’ve done all the work and will continue to do it through the end of the year. Then it happens, 98% of us will let the doubt creep in slowly. Even others that are trying to strengthen your doubt will try to zap any positive thought you have in your spirit with ” You only have….”  “You’re not even close to accomplishing …”   They try to knock you down so they feel better about themselves.

Don’t let them steal your persistence and faith!

You wouldn’t pick an apple before it’s ripe. So keep moving forward so you can lose that 10 pounds, hit that goal, and have an even better holiday season.

If you want… heck, if you need a boost, I have 3 half hour strategy sessions this Saturday morning that are available. These will be on a need basis. Click the FaceBook page “Request Time” button and let me know your best time Saturday between 8am – 11am central time.

Love and Hugs,

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